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He might have failed the Quest, the terrible journey to which Yeesha had set him, hoping that he would free the animals, but he knew how the game was played now: what she wanted, and what he did. When the right candidate came, he would shape and teach, guide them to doing the right thing - giving him control over the Tablet. And then he would rebuild D’ni, and they all would see.

[✐meme] three sentence fic meme


Give me the name of a character or pairing and I’ll write a three-sentence fic about them.

The obvious, for me: Eskath and Auriva

Eskath thinks of Auriva as a nice enough person, but one who is deeply immature. She empathizes with the trauma that can happen with a major upheaval, and the desire to have the life of one’s dreams and not be restricted based on something you can’t control. But she thinks Auriva is blind to the choices she could make to steer her life closer to what she wants, and that she wastes her talents in hesitation. She wouldn’t hesitate to trust Auriva with an academic task or with protecting something important, though.

(There’s an undercurrent of sharp jealousy she’ll never admit to.)

Auriva is extremely impressed by Eskath. She has sympathy for how hard it is to be a Forceless Pureblood. There’s a lot of admiration for Eskath’s strength of adapting to her husband’s death by going and building something from it (even as she doesn’t know the details).

For the Intra-Legacy ask: Auriva and Karreja!

Their shared interests in archaeology and history means they have enough in common to talk for hours. (Suspicion: if you add Ellekai into the room, no one is going to sleep and a dozen seeds for research papers will be generated.) They actually met once on Voss while exploring a public museum, and talked for hours. Auriva was in civilian clothes so Karreja didn’t realize she was a Sith until Auriva it got late walked her back to the cantina to meet Master Del, who noticed. She also apologized to Del and promised she didn’t “say anything to corrupt the patriotism” of the younger Jedi.

Vakell and Sehavi

On the surface, these two are opposites - a Sith aristocrat and a human bounty hunter from nowhere. What both of them have in common is the fact that they started off in a disadvantaged place, and clawed their way to a life they could be proud of.

From his point of view, Sehavi is the second most sane Pureblood he knows. He met her after he earned Eskath’s professional respect, and thus got an introduction to her family. He’ll take work from Sehavi as long as it isn’t straight-up assassination, and sees her as a nice kid who was dealt a bad hand.

From Sehavi’s side, it’s good to have contacts outside of the aristocrat, upper-crust military, and Sith side of things. If she needs anything she might not be able to get from a staunch Imperial loyalist, there are worse people to know than bounty hunters, and she likes that he brings gifts when he stops by. She wishes his morals weren’t so limiting, as she’d hire him a lot more if they weren’t.

(Ooh, interesting one! this took some thinking.)

Karreja and Erysai?

Their relationship starts off adversarially when Erysai is home on leave and Karreja wanders down to the Twi’lek settlement on her own. Erysai snaps about a cultureless unsympathetic Jedi wandering down and chases her out. Later, Karreja seeks her out to apologize for being insensitive. It comes out that they both know Nalen Raloch, who Erysai nursed a crush on forever. By the end of it, Erysai winds up feeling pity for Twi’lek Jedi who are taken early enough that they don’t get to know their real culture, and understands why Karreja’s curious - but she’s still not a fan of Jedi who don’t do anything.

Intra-legacy interactions


I’m trying to flesh out how my characters would interact with each other, so here’s a fun meme idea: send me 2 of my characters, and I’ll either write a drabble or splat out some facts about how they interact.

If you’d like to do this yourself, reblog with a list of your own characters!

My desired people are:

Auriva, Dakhri, Erysai, Eskath, Jahaira, Ishev, Karreja, Sehavi, Thrasis, Vakell

five and a half

weeee need to talk more. I like playing with you! it’s kickass to log in and giggle on Skype and roll some things. I like your headcanons even when theyr’e sadcanons.  thank you for putting up with my splatz.


where do I even start? Thank you for great random Nar Shaddaa RP with me. Thank you for introducing me to a great group. Thank you for letting me bounce ideas off you. I love watching you do all the things you do, your art and headcanons and little bits of writing, and I wish we actively played together more because I have just so. many. fond. memories.


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Interactions meme: Ishev and Erysai?

Erysai liked him when he was just a soldier.

She had admired Ensign Ishev Aves, decorated Special Forces soldier and headliner of recruitment posters around the Republic. She was pretty sure he wouldn’t remember, but after Balmorra when he’d been on HQ duty, he’d given a lecture to her Academy class on the best way of remotely confounding Imperial sensors to make them accept false IFF codes or to appear like harmless debris. Afterwards he’d accompanied them down to the cantina, bought them all drinks, and continued to discuss improvisational uses of technology in the field. She’d been disappointed to not get any bloody war stories out of him, and surprised at how his methods always seemed to involve finding the way to cause the most havoc with the least cost in life. So ever since that day she’d followed his career and sighed as she though about how he was the best the Republic could be.

Ishev Aves, Jedi Padawan, was a completely different story.

The Jedi were pushing her people off of the planet by refusing to help them against Tython’s dangers. Sure, the Republic didn’t want them to settle there, but the Republic also believed in appeasing the Empire with the treaty, they weren’t perfect. But the Jedi stood for peace and justice, which really ought to include helping out innocent settlers who just wanted to build something good. Instead they sat inside their temple, safe from the Flesh Raider depredations, said they couldn’t help even as the Pilgrims suffered and bled and starved, and then dared to criticize them when they tried to build up the strength to save themselves.

So when she found out her idol was taking a leave of absence and receiving training from the Order, she got upset. He was a soldier, dammit! Someone like her, not one of those callous robe-wearers in their isolated tower. She wondered what he’d be like when the training was done - if he’d keep fighting on the front lines and trying to defend the Republic, or if they’d break him into someone who cared more about code then people.

Intra-legacy interactions

I’m trying to flesh out how my characters would interact with each other, so here’s a fun meme idea: send me 2 of my characters, and I’ll either write a drabble or splat out some facts about how they interact.

If you’d like to do this yourself, reblog with a list of your own characters!

My desired people are:

Auriva, Dakhri, Erysai, Eskath, Jahaira, Ishev, Karreja, Sehavi, Thrasis, Vakell

What decorations does everyone else want?

Here are the things currently on my “I need this” list:

-Large Cyan crystal formation (pack drop)

-Ancient Burial Urn (Athiss)

-Purple crystal formation (Battle of Ilum)

-Krayt Dragon Skull (Scum and Villainy)

-Selkath sculpture (Manaan)

-Jedi statue (Tython)

-Pottery / Artifacts (Section X reputation)

-Cute large animal statue (Makeb reputation)

-the Autumn potted plant from the certificate vendor

…what I am saying is, there’s gonna be a lot of FP running in my future…

(Also, I want the Aquatic Mewvorr on Auriva from Manaan, but that’s not a decoration. Well, I guess it kind of is.)

But seriously, what do the rest of you want? Need an Imperial tank or a Republic dps on Ebon Hawk to go find it? Peep at me.


I love following you and I wish we hung out more! Your stuff is really cool!


I’m thrilled to know you. You have three talents: moving words, gorgeous art, and that are of being a sympathetic shoulder and encouraging voice. I always enjoy running a thing with you and hanging out batting around headcanons, even when they’re sadcanons!